East Homs IS offensive (12 May 2016)

On May 1st, Islamic State (IS) seized several Loyalist (SAA) checkpoints as well as Huwaysis village East of Jubb al Jarrah
On May 1st, clashes erupted between pro loyalist militias and IS in al-Shaer field area.
On May 4, IS launched a wide scale attack on Shaer gas field and captured it, as well as military equipments
On May 6 evening, SAA attempted to regain control of Mahr field which had been partially occupied by IS
On May 7, they attacked again IS position in Mahr field
On May 9, the loyalists were reported in full control of Mahr field
On May 10, IS launched an offensive on Tiyas airbase. they took control of the batallion “almahjawrati” NW of the base, reportedly killing 20 loyalists
On May 11, violent clashes were reported in Al Shaer vicinity and loyalists took in control of the Uqayribat junction and of points surrounding Al Mahr fields

East Homs 12 May 2016

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