IS offensive in North Aleppo (14 April 2016)

In the early hours of Thursday (April 14, 2016), IS fighters advanced North from Tughali and quickly took control of Baraghidah and Kafr Ghan, then continued heading North toward Hawar Killis, Aykadah and Harjalah, cutting rebels pocket in two for a couple of hours, and reaching Shamarin Refugees camp outskirts. Meanwhile, they also advanced West, seizing again Jariz and Yahmul. Rebels (FSA) troops reorganized and regained control of Aykadah, Hawar Killis, Yahmul and Jariz. The same day, in the East side of the rebel pockets, FSA has captured Tall Ahmar, a few kilometers from Al Ra’iNorth Aleppo 14 april 2016