Latakia situation (27-31 Jan 2016)

After the fall of Rabia in Jabal al Turkman on January 24, 2016, the loyalist forces continued their push to reduce the remaining rebel pocket in Latakia.

In Jabal al-Akrad, on January 27, they took control of al-Mazra’ah , Awniyat and Duwayrikah, and on January 31, they captured Ta’uma. Meanwhile, in Jabal al-Turkman, the Loyalists made a small push along the border road of Turkey East of Atirah, and took control of a hamlet, Kanisah.

Several deep valleys bordered by cliffs and heights are slowing Loyalists progress, constituting as many natural defenses for the rebels. In Jabal Turkman, 3 valleys have to be crossed, while in Jaba al-Akrad, only one valley, South of Kinsibba has to be passed through. The next days may see the loyalist forces, backed by Russian airstrikes progress up to the first defense line.

Latakia 31 jan 2016

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