North West Syria situation (22-25 Jan 2016)

After the capture of Salma on January 12, 2016, and despite a Rebel counter-attack on January 20, on January 21, Loyalist forces  launched a new attack aimed at reaching the second Rebel stronghold in the province : Rabia.

On January 22, they were in control of Ghunaymiyah, Khan al Jawz and Biradoun dam. Meanwhile, West of Rabia, the Loyalists captured Bayt Awan, Khadra, Sawda and Saraya.

Latakia 22 Jan 2016 global

On January 23, the offensive continued, and the SAA captured  several villages West and North of Rabia :  Tifahiyah, al-Hulwah, Bayt Ablaq, Jabal Maran and Turus, besieging Rabia from the North and the West, and entering town outskirts before pulling out for the night

Finally, on January 24, a final push allowed them to enter and capture fully Rabia

In the aftermath, the Loyalist forces seized more villages such as Rihaniyyah, and on January 25, they were confirmed in control of Al-Dura, Duwayrikah and Tauma

Latakia 25 Jan 2016 global j

The campaign has been incredibly fast, compared to last months very slow progress of the Latakia front. In the last days indeed, the rebels seem to habve gradually withdrawn to Idlib province, leaving behing light units to defend Latakia positions.

Although it is clear the SAA want to complete control over whole Latakia province, the Rebels may try to build a new defense line South of Kinsibah

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  1. I think that the slowness of the campaign is because the Russian air strikes and the large amount for artillery rockets used by the Syrian government forces take time to have an effect.

    I would compare it to Kobane where IS attacked for months until the US air strikes finally broke them. Afterwards the Kurds advanced quickly.

  2. troops fighting # ISIS in # Iraq but the real number is closer to 6,000 cc @ EjmAlrai http://www. 02/02/pentagon-won-t-say-how-many-troops-are-fighting-isis. Where is this information?

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