Latakia Salma / M4 highway situation

After a rebels counter attack on January 20, 2016, Loyalist forces  launched a new attack aimed at reaching the strategic Khan al Jawz junction on the M4 highway.

On January 21, attacking from Kurt Tahtani, SAA took control of Ghunaymiyah & Khan al Jawz. North of Salma, they also seized Bayt Miru and parts of Al Hawr.

On January 22, SAA pushed their advantage by crossing the M4 highway and taking control of the Biradoun dam. That move allowed the Loyalists to clear several km of the Highway, up to the Khan al Jawz junction

Meanwhile, the situation around Duwayrikah remained unclear as there were claims of recapture by SAA, though rebels seem to be in control of the village

Latakia 22 Jan 2016