Latakia Salma situation (20 Jan 2016)

Following Salma capture on Jan 12, 2016, loyalist forces have gained control of several villages around and North of the former rebel stronghold, raising concern among rebels of how long they could maintain a presence in Latakia government.

On January 18 however, the rebels regained control of Ta’uma near Duwayrikah, and on January 20 they launched a counter-offensive on Wadi Shaykhan, Ghunaymiyah and Al Hawr, taking control of those villages in the early morning hours.

Latakia 20 Jan 2016

Despite these achievements, those new positions will be difficult to hold as the loyalist forces still occupy the strategic heights in the South (Salma and Jabal Nawbah) and in the West (Burj al-Qasab)