7 thoughts on “Area where Russian plane was downed by Turkey (23 Nov 2015)

  1. Is it just me or do the red arrows denote a shifting front line and not the area in which the Russian plane went down?

    If the map indicates the entire area in which it might have gone down, that feels rather imprecise (understatement).

    Am I missing something (an indicator of sorts)?

  2. I could geolocate the crash site. It most likely fell on SAA territory or very close to the front line.

    From where the red arrow is pointing go south west a little, maybe a couple of centimeters on my 24 inch monitor.

    If anyone knows the location where pilots have landed we can more or less know the trajectory of the plane

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  4. hehe,
    I was using the same videos from ANNA News to geolocate it and also the same two mountains and the smoke from the downed plane. I’m just too lazy to post it. I used one extra video for confirmation though (there is a compilation on youtube of all videos on tube).

    But I had trouble finding where pilots landed, even though I could’ve just asked the guys from ANNA news

  5. hey man,

    I asked for the pilots landing zone so I could draw the line between the crash site and pilots landing and guess what? It fits the Russian radar map exactly!!! while the pilots land too far from the place of the missile hit on the Turkish map!!!

    Also the Russian radar map data was played on a big screen in real time making it slightly more believable than the Turkish version.

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