SDF/YPG offensive in East Hasakah (31 Oct 2015 – ongoing)

On Oct 31, 2014, SDF (Syrian Democratic forces) launched a 3-axis offensive aimed at expelling Islamic State from Al-Hawl strategic area. The offensive is backed by the international US-led coalition airstrikes. The first offensive, progressed from Ghazala along the Iraqi border, taking some positions and reaching area 2-3 km from Khatuniyah lake. The second offensive started from Tall Brak area, capturing IS positions 10 to 15 km south to the town. The third offensive was launched from South-East Hasakah outskirts, and captured some villages along Khabur river axis, as well as south to Loyalist-held Kawkab base.

East Hasakah 5 Nov 2015

Situation along Hasakah – Al-Hawl road on November 10, 2015 : SDF took Tishreen junction on the road. Islamic State resisting along Khabur river.

Hasakah 10 Nov 2015

On Nov 11, SDF captured Khatuniyah village, and on Nov 12, they surrounded Al-Hawl from South and East. On Nov 13, after news of evacuation of al-Hawl by IS, SDF took control of the town.

East Hasakah 13 Nov 2015

On Nov 15, Umm/Abu Hajirat was liberated by SDF, remaining IS forces fleeing further South. Front stabilized in the South in the hills North of Sawi and Junabah. Meanwhile, the offensive continued toward Tishrin oil field, which was captured on Nov 16. On the sale day, a new attack targetted South of Mt Abd al-Aziz, and Tall Barud and Feydat were freed, as well as the Abyad road, and on Nov 17, clashes were reported in the East of former Regiment 121 base, with attackers coming from the East bank of Khabur river.

East Hasakah 18 Nov 2015

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  1. Dear sir,

    I have been following you on twitter and viewing your maps for over one year now. I would like to say thanks a lot for enabling people like me to be updated about what’s happening in Syria and Iraq. The reason I’m posting this now, is because sometimes your maps are not easy to read for colourblind (especially the loyalist Red vs the rebels Green). However, this one is really easy on the eye (and in my opinion) by far your best template for maps. I hope you will keep making these great maps! Thanks!!

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