Syria Kobane IS offensive (13 Sept 2014 – 26 Jan 2015)

This serie of maps shows Kobane battle evolution since beginning of Islamic State (IS) offensive on Sept 13 2014 until liberation of the city by YPG on Jan 26/27, 2015

All these maps are original creation. You can re-use partially or completely by mentioning credits “@deSyracuse”

Maps captions :

– Black : IS controlled areas

– Yellow : YPG controlled areas

– Dark yellow : disputed or not controlled by anybody

– Fushia dots : disputed building in the city

Click on each map in order to open bigger definition image

Kobane 22 Sept 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 24 Sept 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 27 Sept 2014 by @deSyracuse


Kobane 6 Oct 2014 by @deSyracuse


Kobane 10 Oct 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 14 Oct 2014 by @deSyracuse


Kobane 20 Oct 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 30 Oct 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 15 Nov 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 20 Nov 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 25 Nov 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 28 Nov 2014 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 27 Dec 2014 by @deSyracuse


The following map has been mostly updated following SOHR data as well as some other sources. At this point, it shows a fast progression from YPG in the Center and in the South. Although not terminated, Kobane battle is clearly turning at defensors advantages. Control for YPG is estimated from 70 to 75% while 25% to 30% for IS

Kobane 5 Jan 2015 by @deSyracuse

Kobane 24 Jan 2015 by @deSyracuse


Kobane 27 Jan 2015 by @deSyracuse

15 thoughts on “Syria Kobane IS offensive (13 Sept 2014 – 26 Jan 2015)

  1. Would it be too hard for YPG to retake all ground lost to IS on the outskirts or maybe IS will retreat to defensive positions on the outskirts making a front like the one in the third image?

  2. the problem for IS is that it will be difficult for them to build an effective defensive line in kurdish villages as they do not have population support. on the West they can retreat to Euphrates river; but in the East and in the South, it will be more difficult; so in the end, Kurds can take back Kobane canton IF they have continued air strikes support and IF they can have more troops (at the moment they have estimated 3000 to 4000 in Kobane which is not enough.

    • The Kurdish forces in Kobane would need at least a Division of Infantry, three batteries of artillery, and a squad of armor –
      tanks and fighting vehicles to push IS out of the canton.
      This would be a rather large supply problem involving equipment, ammunition, FUEL, and food. How any of this could be delivered without the overt help of the Turks is an
      open question.

    • Have most of the Kurdish population not fled from the villages?

      But IS is very good at mobile warfare as the first map shows. Once the Kurds have to cover large areas they will again become vulnerable to lighting raids. Air support will also be deluded when spread over a large area.

      • Then let us resupply the Kurds for fortifications while IS licks it’s wounds, let IS counter-attack until exhaustion. The Peshmerga et al chase them into Israel along the Dead Sea path known in Ancient Egypt as The Way of Horus, combatted by IDF and coalition thus send them reeling into Sinai and unsupplied in the Arabian desert and/or Egypt. Have rear airstrikes on any supply lines, counter-Intel etc. Contrapotamia, against the river, so to speak and into the wilderness. The Kurds can’t withstand long-term onslaught so the counter must be very aggressive and thorough. Turkey will be happier to assist if it leads to less Kurdish refugees, no?

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