Libya – a political, economic and tribal complexity (Maghreb and Orient Courier)

When looking at the current situation in Libya, one has to admit it is hardly understandable: Two governments, hundreds of tribes and autonomous armed groups, and the growing presence of competing jihadists groups amongst which the local Islamic State. This article attempts to give an overview of today’s situation in Libya, and to highlight a few important factors, such as the control of the economic resources.

Two governments fighting for legitimacy

There are currently two governments claiming legitimacy over the whole country. Both are issued from the General National Congress.

One is known as the “Tobruk Government”, internationally recognized, and composed of the Council of Deputies elected in June 2014, whose chairman is currently Aguila Saleh Issa. However, these elections where triggered by … (read full article in English on The Maghreb and orient Courier)

CMMO Libya draft final 31 Aug 2015