Hasakah Western front (23 feb 2015 – 31 May 2015)

On Feb 23, 2015, IS launched a large scale offensive on the Khabour valley assyrian villages from the South and the West. On March 13, IS has cut all but one YPG supply road to Tall Tamer. YPG is fighting alongside with Khabour guards and MFS (Assyrians). Fighting is also intense West of Tall Tamer, on a Tall Khazir / Aliya / Manajir frontline.

Most of Assyrian inhabitants from the valley have been evacuated to Hasakah town.

Situation on March 13 :

Khabour valley 13 March 2015 by @deSyracuse

Situation on March 14 showing IS offensive West of Manajir and crossing of Khabour river near As Safih :

Khabour valley 14 March 2015 by @deSyracuse

Situation on April 21.

YPG has regained Tall Hafyan & Tall Nasri on April 1. On April 5, IS destroyed Tall Nasri church. On April 9, IS launched attacked Tall Jazira, Tall Rumman & Tall Sakrah. YPG regained control of Tall Rumman while status of Tall Sakrah & Tall Jazirah remain unclear. Daily fighting is occuring West of Tall Tamer near Ghabash and Tall Shamiran.

Khabour valley 21 April 2015 by @deSyracuse

Situation on May 8

West and South West of Ras al-Ayn / SerêKaniyê, Islamic State made important advance untill March 13 2015 by advancing to Tall Barqah / Tall Jimah area. End of April 2015, YPG launched offensive aimed at retaking lost areas, releasing pressure on Al-Manajir and Tall Tamer, and at seizing Aleppo-Hasakah road in order to disturb this IS main supply road to Khabour valley area. Starting on April 25 2015, a first wave of attacks allowed YPG to capture some territory between Manajir and Aliyah, and some strategic hills. On May 6, YPG backed by MFS & Khabour guards (Assyrians), and al-Sanadid army (arabs) launched “Robert Qamishlo” operation aiming at reconquerring IS-held territories West of Hasakah governorate.

Ras-al-ayn serekaniye front 8 May 2015 @desyracuse

Situation on May 18

The YPG offensive advanced rapidly by cutting IS supply lines from Raqqah in Aliyah area, and surrounding IS forces concentrated south of Tall Tamer.

Hasakah western front 19 May 2015Situation on May 29

YPG advanced quickly to mount Abd Al-Aziz, captured on May 20, envelopping again several IS villages and forcing them to evacuate the area. In the West, Mabrukah was captured on May 27, opening the road to Tall Abyad in Raqqah governorate.

West Hasakah front 29 May 2015


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