Aleppo Northern Front (22 Jan 2015)

The area running from Turkish border to Aleppo is very strategic. All belligerants are fighting and rebels maintain control over a tiny corridor ensuring Aleppo city supply. There are several fronts :

  • The one opposing Rebels to IS on the East is very active, with IS pushing to take main rebels controlled towns : Mare, Suran, Azaz
  • The one opposing SAA to Rebels is also very active with a besieged area (Nubl and Zahraa chiites towns) and North Aleppo city front where daily fighting is reported amid attempts by Loyalists to encircle Rebels areas in Aleppo city
  • The one opposing YPG (kurds) to rebels and to Loyalists is calm. No fighting has been reported for months. YPG is making local alliances or cease fires according to its interests and agenda.
  • The one opposing Loyalists to IS is calm although there are sometimes skirmishes or air strike

North Aleppo 22 Jan 2015


4 thoughts on “Aleppo Northern Front (22 Jan 2015)

  1. Now that ISIS was thrown out of Kobane, They are consentrating their forces to break the FSA Positions and reach Afrin. Its clear the Islamic State have the ultimate goal to destroy Kurdish settlements. Its like the Nazis facination against jews.

    • Maybe, but rebels defenses in Aleppo are strong and would mean heavy losses for them. I would favor more a few weaks break in IS offensive in order to rebuild their forces

  2. Awesome maps thanks. I would expect ISIS to try capture FSA supply route before they tried get Aleppo …but then again it is ISIS and they are rather dumb.

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