Situation in Hasakah (13 Jan 2015)

IS initiated a first offensive from Mount Abdel Aziz to Tall Majdal area end of November 2014. Several clashes occured in December near Tall Majdal and south of Tuwaynah between YPG and IS.

On January 12, IS started to advance toward Hasakah from the West and brought reinforcements from South-East Hasakah. Loyalists sources reported SAA counter-attacked in Rafraf area.

On January 13, fighting was reported “West of Hasakah city”. IS is also very close to Assyrian inhabited area in the Khabour valley

Hasakah 13 Jan 2015 by @deSyracuse


One thought on “Situation in Hasakah (13 Jan 2015)

  1. has there been any news about IS frontline in hasakah after YPG – SAA clashes started inside the city
    have they launched any new offensives while they are bussy?

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