Deir Ezzor airport IS offensive (5 Dec. 2014 – ??)

On December 3, IS started an important offensive to capture Deir Ezzor airport. On Dec 4-5, they seized Jaffrah village, getting closer to North and East gates of airport. reports of 30 SAA soldiers and 37 IS fighters dead. As a result, Loyalists offensive in Saqer Island is threatened as the island is almost besieged by IS.

Deir Ezzor 5 dec 2014 by @deSyracuse


On Dec 6, IS attacked west of Airbase toward “Deir Ezzor Mountain” trying to seize this fortified area and cut last Airbase Loyalists supply road. Attack was repelled as well as on Missile Batallion South East of airbase (Dec 7). Heavy casualties on both sides were reported (more than 100 IS fighter and 60 Loyalists dead). Reports of IS sending reinforcements.


Deir Ezzor 7 dec 2014 by @deSyracuse

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